Editorial Team

Anthony Welch (University of Sydney)

Oleksandr Shtokvych (Central European University)

Ashley South (Chiang Mai University)

Lynne Heslop (University of Sussex)

Marie Lall (University College London)

Martin Hayden (Southern Cross University)

Matthew Walton (University of Toronto)

Rosalie Metro (University of Missouri-Columbia)

Salai Lian Kual Sang (Independent Scholar)

U Zaw Lin Tun (Independent Scholar)

Vladimir Briller (Independent Scholar)


We are constantly expanding our circle of editorial advisors. If you wish to self-nominate or nominate someone to serve as an editorial advisor, please kindly email us their name, their affiliated organization, as welll as a CV/resume, a linkedIn profile or any other wesbite page with their information on it.